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FDRF602 Super Compact Laser Sensor

- Measurement range: 2 to 1250mm
- Linearity: ±0.1% FS
- Measuring rate: 9.4kHz
- Red or blue laser diodes wavelengths
- Binocular sensors for laser scanning

FDRF603 Series Laser Displacement Sensors
Laser displacement sensors are used for non-contact measurement of displacement, speed, acceleration, vibrations, deformation and profiles in static and dynamic applications in the research and industry to improve quality and save costs.
The measurement ranges vary from 2mm up to 1000mm. And with blind ranges from 10mm up to 245mm you can mount the sensor at a save distance from the moving target.

Due to the non contact measurement you can avoid, force on the target and wear of both target and sensor surfaces. Due to the fact that the laser spot does not have mass, it follows the target at the same speed.

- Safe distance to target
- Non-contact
- Non-wear
- Non-force
- Fast, non-mass laser spot



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